The programme this year is divided into two categories “Excellent ESG Enterprise of 2020-2021” and “Special Recognition Award of the Year (Project)”.
  • Any Hong Kong-based banks, financial institutions, and companies from different industries.
  • Each participating company must provide all the information required on the application form, and ensure that the information submitted is true and accurate, or it may risk being disqualified.
  • Open for nomination or application:
    • Applicants in the “Banks and Financial Institutions” category must have implemented ESG-related project(s), or have launched ESG/green finance-related product(s) during the previous fiscal year.
    • Applicants in the “Listed Companies” category must have implemented ESG-related project(s) during the current fiscal period.
  • All information will be used by the judging panel for circulation, scoring, nomination and future editing/publication, and will be archived by the Hong Kong Economic Times Group and not be returned to the applicants.
  • Late submission or submission of incorrect information will render the application invalid.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to make changes without notice, as well as the right of final decision in case of disputes.
Evaluation Criteria
  • The ESG policies and strategies adopted by the banks or financial institutions during the previous fiscal year, and any resulting benefits that can be evaluated and verified.
  • Each of the applicants in the “Listed Companies” category will be reviewed based on the information stipulated in the company’s latest annual report or any of its reports on sustainable development.
  • The judging panel will comprise representatives from academic institutions, ESG organisations, chambers of commerce, as well as representatives from different industries.
  • Excellent ESG Enterprise of the Year
    • Only listed companies are eligible. Each participating company must fill in the application form and provide all relevant reports and key performance (hereinafter referred to as KPI) data for the most recent year.
    • Each category carries 20 points, with a total score of 60 points. Only companies with over 40 points will be awarded.
  • Special Recognition Award of the Year (Project)
    • Each participating company must fill in the application form and provide all relevant reports and materials relevant to the project it is entering the competition with.
    • The total score is made up of the scores of two components:
      • Part 1: (80%)
        The project will be reviewed by representatives from Hong Kong Economic Times based on the following criteria:
        • Business philosophy and goal
        • Innovativeness and uniqueness
        • Sustainability
        • Impact on society or industry value
      • Part 2: Public scoring (20%)
        The recipient(s) of the Award will be picked by voting (one vote per person) on a scale of 1-5, where 5 represents the highest score.
    • Only companies with a total score (Part 1 + 2) of over 50% will be awarded.
To apply
  • Participating companies/institutions must successfully submit the completed online application form on the Organiser’s website on or before 6:00pm on 31 August 2021.
  • Applicants must provide relevant information on how they have improved their ESG management and efficiency, or achieved significant impact on corporate sustainability by fully integrating ESG factors into their organisational strategies and investment practices.
  • Applicants must also submit their business registrations and corporate trademarks.


31 August 2021 (Tuesday)
October 2021
1st ESG and Green Finance Forum
November 2021